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The industrial team has spent much of the first term preparing evidence for the dispute in the Fair Work Commission regarding the accrual of time in lieu for employees required to attend school camps. The matter will be heard in May. 

We have had a significant win for a principal class member at VCAT whose Working with Children Check was revoked in 2021 by the Department of Justice based on unfounded allegations. This decision affected the member’s VIT registration, his employment and his voluntary work in his local community.

Her Honour Justice Quigley did not find any substance to the allegations and acknowledged the psychological injury suffered by our member. As a result, the principal’s WWCC was restored and he can seek to have his VIT registration reinstated.

The industrial team has favourably settled several other matters, including obtaining back-pay for a pregnant member denied ‘no safe job leave’; back-pay for a TAFE member paid at the wrong rate; and $20,000 to remedy an EC member’s underpayment. 

Since Term 4, Redlich Injury Lawyers have recovered around $958,000 for AEU members at no cost – the only union that offers this. Other union members pay legal fees on a no win, no fee basis.

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